How to get Google Adsense approval within a week, Google Adsense Approval Tips and Tricks

Things should be set before applying to the Google Adsense:

1. Custom domain:

A Custom Domin also know as a valid URL. How to set a custom Domain for this you have to choose a name for your domain. which should not be started your name choose a different name which looks like a professional domain and-and get registered with the Godaddy, Big Rock are other services.

Get a Professional Domain name is very low per one year it’s about Rs.200 only.
2.  Your Blog Should Cross $100 dollars:
To get Approval by  Google Adsense you should cross $100 Dollars of clicks after crossing hundred dollars of clicks your eligible to apply for Google Adsense.
3. Main Buttons:
Before applying to the Google Adsense you must put the buttons like Home, About us, Site Map, Privacy Policy, and Description buttons are must and should to get approval from Google Adsense.
4. Social Media:
To impress Google Adsense you to put social media page’s like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail followers and increase your followers by sharing the posts on social media.
5. Check all the buttons:
Before applying to Google Adsense you must check all the buttons whether they are working properly are not if not check the error and make sure that all the buttons are properly. If one button is not working properly Google Adsense will not approve your application.
6. Make your own content:
This is the main thing that Google will see before approving your application “DONT COPY CONTENT” from anywhere making your own content to get approval from Google Adsense.
7. Post’s Required :
There are some minimum post’s required to get approval from the Google. The minimum required post for the Google ad sense is 24 post’s in that sense by week 2 post.
8. Time to wait:
According to me before applying to the Google Adsense you have to wait for list 2 and half months (or) domain should be 45 days old.
9.  Age Limit:
The basic requirement of “Age limit” Google will definitely see if you have crossed 18 are not. If you cross-age limit you are eligible for Google Adsense if not your not eligible.
10. Hacking and cracking content:

You will not get approved by google if you are website are blog contains a content like hacking are other adult forms on your website. Write a content which is helpful useful.

All the above tips are done, You will get approval from Google Adsense and I hope this post is helpful to get your future set and don’t forget to like and share.        


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