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Lenovo unveils Alexa-based Smart Assistant and Smart Storage in CSE (2017)


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Lenovo Smart Assistance:  

Lenovo has unveiled a new Digital personal Assistant and Smart Storage device in CSE 2017 held at San Francisco. Lenovo Smart Assistant is equipped with Amazon Alexa cloud-based service. Lenovo smart assistance commands the Alexa to web search according to the command commanded by the user.

Lenovo Smart Assistance can play Music, Reminders, Creates list, Calendar updates and much more just by commanding the smart assistance. Lenovo has added a 360० Far-field microphones with noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation. Lenovo Smart Assistance can receive’s the user commands up to a range of 16-feet away. Lenovo’s Special Harman Kardon edition of smart assistance is with Premium Audio Quality. Lenovo smart assistance can also run the smart home device and third-party products. Lenovo Smart Assistance is available in three different colors variants Light Gray, Green, and Orange and goes sale from May 2017. Coming to the product price is Rs.8,860 ($129.99) approximately.

Lenovo Smart Storage Device: 

Lenovo also unveiled its Smart Storage device in the same event (CSE 2017). Lenovo Smart Storage Device comes with 6TB of internal storage, It has Dual-band wireless access, and multi-device auto-sync capability. The can store data like Photo’s, Videos, and documents just in one device. Lenovo Smart device is integrated with facial recognition software which is used to organ user’s photo library. Coming to the product price is Rs.9,542 ($139.99) approximately and the product goes sale on May 2017.

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