UncategorizedCity Union Bank's Pilot Robot (Lakshmi)

City Union Bank’s Pilot Robot (Lakshmi)


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City Union Bank (CUB) in T Nagar Plans to deploy a Robot (Lakshmi) an Artifical Intelligence powered robot in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and also first Artifical Intelligence Robot in India.

This Robot (Lakshmi) will answer the generic banking related questions which are asked by the customers. This Robot can be integrated with 125 Subjects like Balance Enquiry and Interest rates on loans. This Robot can not voice the Account details information. Coming to the Robot price is Rs.7 / 8 Lakhs which can save 2 to 4 person’s work which will integrate to bank’s automation process. City Union Bank (CUB) of Tamil Nadu plans around 25 new Robots in (CUB) branches by this year.  

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