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Best App’s of 2016


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Google Allo: 

Google launched a new Ai-Centric Messaging App for the both users android and iOS with the most robust artificial intelligence capabilities.

Allo looks similar to other messaging apps, for google Allo login you have to sign up with your phone number after that Allo send you OTP for the verification process. You can share photos, videos and location with Allo messenger and Allo also include the number of themed stickers packs which you can share for livening up your chat. Allo is little smarter than comparing to other apps in standard messaging with the smart replies through your conversation and also suggest you words for beginners. Google Allo App released two days back in playstore with the 4.7 rating and 10 thousand downloads with great impact.

Google DUO: 

Google Introduced a new app called Duo for video calling with the good pixels and voice Quality.

Google Duo is a simple app we can call by just a one-tab. This App has a special interesting thing in it.We can see a preview of incoming video calls from everyone in your contact with a knock.
Google Duo have 4.5 rating in Google PlayStore this App is available on Android and IOS. So the guy downloads the app and calls your friend’s.

Youtube Go:

Google launching a new Youtube Go App for India to enjoy and share the videos. New Youtube Go have built for next generation of user’s to enjoy the power of youtube. Google is launching this New App Youtube Go for developing countries and this Youtube Go app allow the users to download the video for offline viewing. Youtube go has a new feature that you can share the video’s to nearby friend without the internet. This new Youtube Go App save’s your burning data.


Narendra Modi has launched an App called Bharat Interface for Money (BHIMA APP) which is based on united payments interface. BHIM app makes Digital Transactions from Bank Account. To get paid are to receive the payments user should link up the account with Bank Account. The User can transfer around Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 per a day. BHIM App is available for both the users Android and IOS user.

“Be it a smartphone or feature phone of Rs. 1,000-1,200, BHIM app can be used. There is no need to have Internet connectivity. One only needs a thumb. There was a time when an illiterate was called ‘angutha chchap’. Now, time has changed. Your thumb is your bank now. It has become your identity now,” the PM said.

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