UncategorizedAmkette S-50 trubeats smart wireless speakers and home audio....

Amkette S-50 trubeats smart wireless speakers and home audio. (Amkette S50)


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Amkette has launched S50 wireless speaker and home audio. Amkette S50 comes with 10Watts of a massive high range of bass, It has inbuilt FM-Radio / Clock which can tune up with your smartphone around 20 ratio stations.

Amkette S50 speaker can be connected to AUX input and the user can play Music Via app which supports both the users Android / IOS users. Amkette S50 is handsfree calling speaker. The user can play Music by connecting Via Bluetooth up to 10meters. This speaker has NFC built feature which makes you fast & Convenient Bluetooth with your smart devices. Amkette S50 has 3600mAH battery which ensures 12 hours battery back-up, Also used has Powerbank Via USB port. Amkette S50 supports WMV,WAV, and MP3formats. This speaker has 8LED lights to indicate the status of your speaker. Amkette S50 is available in Black color. Coming to the product price is Rs.2,999 available at Amazon.in.

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