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The Meet

We hugely respect every couple, This story is not emotionally or intentionally targeted anyone. It’s about love and affection.

love story in warangal
 Image Credits – 6milesinfo

This Story was started back in the Year of 201* – Just taking you back to 201*, Its all about life and success. This story involves between a Boy who started his career towards Blogging to know his strength and A Girl who completed her Engineering in computer science, Two different people and two different career options are at one node. Let’s start! the beautiful beginning. Blogging is not easy although taking it seriously and making it a full-time job and started writing posts for passion and knowing each and every point in blogging going toward. Apart from this targeting organic traffic for the website is the biggest challenge. finding out the ways to drive traffic, Facebook Page is best to drive traffic and created a Facebook page for the website. Meanwhile, two months have vanished away, After two months At 11PM, he started inviting his friends to his page to like the page and drive traffic. The real-time now comes out, The boy started chatting with close friends to get like and discussing future plans, By 11:45PM he messaged to a girl who is close to him and girl who has messaged was with her cousin and fascinating thing here is he got a reply from her cousin which seems to be shocking and it was the entry of her I mean the first message was the first impression. The boy got her Facebook ID and started messaging her regarding his future plans. Weeks passed, Now they are directly in contact with the mobile phone. She got impressed by his passion and started talking hours and hours daily. The boy explained about startup and she was willing to work with him both of them came to one stand after a long conversation on the phone. They decided to meet and start their work. She came to the workplace has per date and time which they decided but the boy was actually busy in blogging was late for two days. Finally, the boy came after two days to the workplace and it was the afternoon and he was walking out of his aunt’s house after having a delightful lunch. At the moment the girl was waiting at his aunt’s house to meet the boy with her cousin, Finally, the moment came they finally meet each other and had a pleasant talk. The story still continues to catch Chapter #2 (The Travel) wait for two days.

Disclaimer – Please don’t go out of the box or hate on anyone, This is just to entertain people and I usually focus on Love Story about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don’t go spreading hate it’s all for entertainment only.



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