SD Card will soon get rated for App performance (Fastest SD card)

Well use Secure Digital Card (SDcard) in Smartphones to store Photos, Videos, and Music in SDcard, Here SDcard have different Classes, Available in different storages. SDcard now got upgraded with new classification system which helps the customers to understand the interface, Now SDcard can perform used to runs apps.

SDCard launched 5.1 application performance the first class is called as “A1”   this standard can see on SDcard and packing box so the user can easily identify whether he received a right product are not. The Minium Random Read Input-Output access of App performance class “A1” is 1500 IOPS (Input/Output operations per second), Write IOPS  of 500, and Sustain Sequential Speed of 10MB/sec.

Tag: 1TB SDcard by Sandisk.


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