LG announces futuristic levitating speakers PJ9 at Las Vegas event


LG (Lucky Goldstar) a south-Korean multinational conglomerate corporation company which is founded by Koo in-Hwoi,  showcase a futuristic levitating speaker PJ9 for upcoming event of electronics show at Las Vegas in CSE 2017.  LG’s levitating speakers PJ9 have a stunning look with 10 hours of battery back-up with popping in the air by magnetic force. LG levitating speakers PJ9 is water-resistance device up to 30mts in water. LG PJ9 speakers are wireless Bluetooth speakers and designed in 360-degrees of omnidirectional. LG PJ9 Speakers has two passive radiators and IP×7 compliant for advance weather conditions.

Tags: Speakers,  LG just announced K-Series smartphones,  LG V20.


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